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About that new electronic VLE pistol for police...

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Would you (as police or soldier) prefer a new electronic piece?
Yes, gimme the new stuff, I love it!
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, I know my powder is dry and my piece works!
 66%  [ 2 ]
I'm waiting for one of those G'ould snake guns
 33%  [ 1 ]
We have nothing to say about it; the beauro-cats will decide
 0%  [ 0 ]
Your concerns are all wet, let's get on with progress!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 3

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 09, 2005 4:56 am    Post subject: About that new electronic VLE pistol for police... Reply with quote

Some years ago the Army was investigating (and probably sponsoring the R&D) a radical new personal soldier weapon best described as a hybrid .223, went something like this: The soldier only had to pack the bullets (slugs) and spare gel canisters. The round was sans the case and powder, the projectile being fired by an onboard electronic system. Gel was substituted for the case and powder and was injected electronically into the firing chamber aft of the projectile, just in time for the electronic ignition to punch out the next slug. I felt strongly enough about this to write a lengthy cautionary piece to the 'powers that be', which was forwarded by my command and readily received at the Col. level and dutifully passed on to the even higher powers that be. The return eventually arrived, a sufficiently pompous reply to properly put me in my place. "The concerns you express are considered acceptable risk and the project will continue as planned." Thankfully for the soldier, the project is either still on the R&D phase, or has been sidetracked. These were just a few of my concerns: First, the micro-miniaturization (actually a mini-computer) of the 'guts' of this piece was *highly* at risk from overwhelming nuclear emissions on the battlefield. Even a medium yield device detonated at altitude could/would compromise all the electonics systems within varying ranges. The soldier may survive the device, but none (or very few) of his equipment with micro-systems would. Including the new electronic personal weapon. Second, the weapon has to have some sort of power to energize the ignition and gel-insertion systems. Even if the (fairly) new photovoltaic power-generating theories (plastics, new fabrics or whatever) were placed into use, they still depend on the sun to maintain and renew the power. My thoughts were with the Troops who operate in the dark and dig in for the daytime, or for Troops who got into a situation where the sun just plain didn't shine for a few days, weeks, whatever. There are places on this planet where the sun hides for weeks on end, the worst I have been in was for three months of no sun.
Anyway, there were other concerns however a couple are enough for right now and here.
So, what does that have to do with the new VLE
electronic pistol being designed for the police and anyone else who will buy one? Not maybe objections to the level of my Army concerns, but how about the following: First, the power source for the new VLE, that can empty itself in 2/500th of a second. Think Newhall Incident here, or many other events where police were killed while trying to reload. Many police (check the historical stats) can't even hit the perp firing one round at a time with six or ten or fifteen chances. What kind of chance would these same officers have when the piece dumps it's load in 2/500th of a second? 'Uhhh, Mr. perp, could you wait a minute while I reload this thing?' One of the problems with rapid fire is eventually you have to reload. Even a 30-round magazine in a fully automatic mode will last about enough time to sneeze once. How many guys do you know who never even clean their present weapon? Don't say it out loud. Those same people may have a hard time thinking about renewing a power source. This new VLE has several functions to consider, not just a point and shoot event. Second, I may just be a bit superstitious, but having a whole line of rounds stacked behind each other in the ignition system gives me just a bit of nervous reserve. What if the ignition system goes bonkers and fires the rear one first. Can't happen? Tell me about one electonic device that has never gone whacko. Third, this new piece has a 'great selling point'; it can only be fired by the person who owns it. Why is because (s)he is wearing a ring that transmits a code to the firearm telling it the hand holding it is the owner. Now the perp only has to cut off your finger to get the magic ring.
Probably I'm just a natural-born skeptic, or maybe I'm not swayed by the magic promised by some of these developers.
I do, however, remember the Army turning in all the 'old' 1911's, jumping into the 'upgrade' cycle for the past several years, and now they wish they had never turned in all those .45's. Makes me feel good about the tears I shed while picking up the whole Division's supply of 1911's and issuing a similar number of 9mm's. Why the tears? Because at that time the gooders were shipping the 1911's to 'third-world' entities, and crushing the rest. The crushed ones were the tear-jerkers.
Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Laughing
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