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Suzanna Hupp explains "Soft targets"

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 5:45 pm    Post subject: Suzanna Hupp explains "Soft targets" Reply with quote

Just watched a video clip where reporters were interviewing Representative Suzanna Hupp (R-Texas) regarding the Virginia Tech massacre.
Suzanna was just a kid when she was eating dinner with her parents at Luby's Restaraunt in Texas. If you don't know about the Luby's massacre you probably don't want to be reading this.
Suzanna's parents were murdered in the Luby Restaraunt massacre. She has become one of the most supportive Second Ammendment legislators in the bad town of Washington D.C.
Representative Hupp was impressive in the interview, bold, concise, easy to understand. She wonders how far the murderer would have made it if there had been just one CC Permittee somewhere along the way.
At any rate, after seeing Representative Hupp's interview, I felt compelled to send her congratulations on her bravery. She has been sponsor and co-sponsor of most of the good firearms legislation that has been passed recently. Here is the text of my email to her:

Hello Representative Hupp,
I just watched your interview regarding the Virginia Tech massacre, and your related position on Concealed Carry.
Your position, and your reasoning, is absolutely, positively, right on target.
The same type of soft target area was created by the owners of "Trolley Square" in SLC where recently there was a murderer who was finally stopped (cornered, held at bay) by an off-duty officer from another city. Had he not been there, and had he not been an officer from a nearby city treating his wife to dinner. He probably had a certain amount of confidence that on-duty SLC officers would not hassle him, or he would have been somewhere else. And, had his wife not been a police dispatcher who phoned the SLC Police with details of the shooting, location and description of her off-duty husband chasing down the shooter, there would have been nobody to slow down the shooter and the bodies would have drastically increased before perimiters were established and local forces could actually have found and stopped the murderer.
Utah has approximately 60,000 CC Permitees. Most of them (probably 99.9%) never patronize "soft-target" zones. They do not want to inadvertently antagonize some anti-gun owner, there are better accomodations and products at other places, and we value our CC Permits too much to jeopardize it in a "gun-free" establishment.
We (Utah CC Permitees) have been fighting the "higher education" block in Utah for the past three years as they have attempted to create a soft-target area on all our university campuses. They even spent 300G of our taxes on lawyers trying to beat our State Laws. Luckily, our Judges, and our Legislators are smarter than most on this subject. The result was that professors may designate their personal office as a soft target area, and dorm dwellers may request a non-packing room mate, and the Attorney General can declare certain individual activities gun-free with metal detectors at all entrances, but the university cannot make a blanket soft target area of the university campus or buildings. Therefore, CC students (and CC visitors) may attend their classes, go to cafeterias, bookstores and go about their day unfettered by bureaucratic interferance from anti-gun radical educators. There is even an organized Student CC Club at UofU.
I have to wonder how far the murderer would have gotten if there had been just one good CC permitee in the Engineering Classes at Virginia Tech this week.
Sorry for the (near) rant. I just wanted to congratulate you on your good work, your absolutely bullseye take on Concealed Carry and your expose` of the *obvious* creation of Soft-Target zones by irrational "educators", radical anti-gun business concerns, and pandering politicians.
Very Best Regards, K.G.Lawton
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