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NRA Declared A Subversive Organization

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 3:34 pm    Post subject: NRA Declared A Subversive Organization Reply with quote

A couple of years ago, in the middle of the last occupant of the People's House, with the "BoB" as State Department, I was having a cup of approved coffee down at a local cafe.
A couple tables over were 3 guys having lunch. They appeared to be "blue collar" workmen of some kind. Kind of like my hard-working Iron Worker Dad, 'back in the day'.
I became interested in their conversation, so quietly paid attention. The general discussion was that they would like to join the NRA, however they were concerned with the Clinton/Obama White house. One of the guys specifically said the "Demonkrats" (his term) could easily declare the NRA a subversive/terrorist organization, send the FBI to raid the place, and gain all the names, addresses, and a even a lot of the kinds of firearms each member had. "Therefore", there was no way in hell that any of them would have their names on the membership list of the NRA.
Some time after that, being a dedicated IT student preoccupied with server and desktop security (cell phones are not for sensitive stuff!) I took the time to write a letter to NRA. I asked them if they had configured their servers, especially the ones with the membership lists, so their members' sensitive information was not attached to the internet, or at least had a firewall server between them which blocked internet access. That they were secured with DoD-level passwords, and could be totally destroyed immediately by the IT Team if the need ever became real. The NRA never did reply.
I took that NRA refusal to discuss the subject as a verification that the three guys at the coffee shop were exactly on target with their evaluation of the danger of having your name on the NRA membership list. And for sure, the donor list of the NRA/ILA would be a goldmine for such a totalitarian anti Constitutional anti-Second radical Demonkrat move by the government. In fact, if every 'district-leader' of the NRA has the same database, those could be used to identify NRA members also.
Now, fast forward to today, here is a link for you; current news as of this morning. This message, and the link, is in "text" format, so if it is not colored in blue for a clickable link, you must highlight, copy, and paste the link into the address bar of your browser:

So, dear friends, if San Francisco could do this, the next radical takeover in Washington D.C. sure as the devil could do the same thing. Just like the administration before the present one appeared to be trying to figure out.
* * * * *
Update: The NRA is suing the city of SFO for libel, slander, and other crimes. I, for one, hope they can get the case to a Federal Judge outside of the west coast.
* * * * *
And why, you ask, did the entire banking system of the USA support candidate BoB against Candidate Trump? Very simple, friends, oboma and the BoB gave title to your bank accounts to the bankers (2010-2013, became law in 2014).
Your bank account is officially and legally an "Unsecured Loan" from you to the bank.  If the bank goes broke with their reckless futures gambles, they can scalp your bank account (including corporate retirement accounts deposited with banks). Don't believe that?  Check out IMF G20 sdn1203.pdf and if you need more it's all there.
Sometimes good old blue-collar workers like the guys at the coffee shop and my old hard-working Dad just simply are a hell of a lot smarter than the rest of us.  Maybe it's because they have been 'down the road' a lot more rough miles than the rest of us.
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