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Guns In Church

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 8:51 pm    Post subject: Guns In Church Reply with quote

"About Guns In Church"
There has always been a pro-and-con conversation regarding guns in Churches. In Utah, the proper way for a Church to post its position on this matter is by statement on the BCI Website. The only notice on that site is from the LDS Church; "No guns in church" is the message.
"No guns in Church, because God is going to protect us", is the basis of the "no guns in church" stance. "We're here to participate in religious matters, we don't need any guns around to distract our congregation". Personally, I believe anyone who thinks those two situations or beliefs is going to protect them from those (expletives deleted by server) who would harm them in Church simply has no grasp of the human situation on this planet.
God did not protect the many people around the world who, even recently, have been murdered inside or near a house of worship.
So here is my opinion. I do vote for properly trained, properly armed, properly equipped, tactically positioned, name-unknown, members with firearms to be in Church. And there isn't one in a hundred of the general public nor Church officials who could possibly hit my definition of "properly" in those requirements.
One problem is that you cannot predict where a maniac might plan his target location. Would it be simply at a main meeting, where everyone is sitting in a row? Could it be when that main meeting is breaking and people are walking to their individual classes, so there is a crowd in the hallways? Or could it be when a particular age-group would be in a particular room? Or could it be when the members are either arriving at the Church or leaving the Church? Or could it just be wherever Janie might be found by the bad-breath creep she told to take a hike when he tried chatting her up? There is no way to predict when or where or how, brother!
So if you simply say; "No guns in this church, GOD will protect you", any thinking person will see right through your apparent stupidity. On the other hand, if you say; "Got a concealed carry permit? Bring your heat to Church, brother!" You are inviting a possible congregation disaster if a shooter does show up. Can you imagine a shooter firing at the closest targets, and twenty armed members jumping up and firing back at the shooter from twenty different positions? If you can't figure that one out, don't bother reading the rest of this.
So I can more likely understand a Bishop who says; "No guns in church; GOD will protect us!" If he says it with a smile and a wink. But probably only if I also hear a couple of children from different families ask; "Why isn't Daddy sitting with us, Mommy?" and Mom replying; "I don't know, Honey." Now, unless "Daddy" took the last bus out of town last night, he must be sitting around here somewhere.
If he is, and if you hear that child asking that question, chances are the congregation might be decently safe. "GOD" (Good Old Dad) might actually be monitoring his particular section of the area. Along with three or more other Dads whose kids are wondering why they aren't sitting with them. If that is the case, then the Bishop can say anything he wants to make people feel good, just don't reveal there are "Watchers" around, or someone will think he's talking about the Ancient Nephilim Aliens, the Anunnaki, all that stuff. After all; bottom line, brother, God gave us humans the brains to figure out how to protect ourselves. That's because he just cannot be everywhere at once. And available Angels are really scarce and being overworked like crazy on this planet. You know those little streaks of light in the night sky? That's the Angels rushing from one emergency to the next. That's why NASA is gearing up for a MARS exodus, but only for specific, designated passengers. It's a spaceship passenger limit thing, you know. So if you haven't been training at Cape Canaveral for a mystery voyage, don't get your hopes up of being one of the "chosen". Of course, give it a century or so and MARS will be in the same mess that Earth is now. It's just one of the human tendencies, you know; screw up one planet, move to the next. Don't believe that? Read Genesis, brother. Adam and Eve only made it one generation until Kain killed Abel.
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