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Homeland Security Threat Advisory

Notice Tremonton Range will be closed until 5pm Monday to Thursday for gravel operations work.

The Box Elder Wildlife Federation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. If you are interested in helping with our wildlife, public education and environment-related efforts, and if you itemize your income-tax deductions, you may be interested in these links:
  1. Introduction to Charitable Organizations is at
  2. You may enquire as to our charitable status at this IRS Search Page.
    (Enter our full name, then "Brigham City", "Utah" in the search page windows, and specify "Exact Match".)
  3. For an explanation of the income-tax deductability to Charitable organizations according to their assigned Limiting Codes, please see the selections at This IRS Page. (our Deduction-Limiting Code is "none")
  4. And please, check with your personal or corporate CPA for your specific tax and charitable deductions situation.

Our B.E.W.F. objectives are:
  1. To protect and increase our fish and wildlife resources.
  2. To cooperate in the enforcement of fish and game laws.
  3. To maximize Box Elder's share of federal and state expenditures in wildlife conservation efforts.
  4. To improve cooperation between sportsmen, landowners and public lands.
  5. To promote sportsmanship among all who participate in the harvest of our surplus of Fish and Wildlife.
  6. To promote youth participation and education in outdoor activities.
We run two Firing-Ranges, sponsor ongoing Wildlife Conservation projects throughout the year, replant depleted or needful bird and waterfowl ground cover and feed, enhance and provide wildlife feed, maintain fishing access crossover stiles with the Union Pacific Railroad, assist Utah DWR officers in their assignments as requested, coordinate ongoing hunter-education classes and provide shooting range facilities for student's qualification and safety instruction.
If you might be interested in helping with these same goals please join us, we have projects open and ongoing that you can enjoy participating in while providing valuable wildlife, environmental and wildlife sports services.
Annual Membership applications are  Here , but verify you have read the Range Rules before you submit a membership application or renewal.

BEWF Meeting April 2010

To apply for membership:  First read the Range Rules. Then print (click the printer icon on the Adobe Form) and fill out the membership application. ( Adobe Reader Required) Mail it along with the appropriate dues for the time of year to:

Box Elder Wildlife Federation,Inc,
P.O. Box 192
Brigham City, UT 84302.

  Can't make your 'puter do that? Just snail-mail a request for forms and we'll snail-mail them back to you.

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